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The Best Clothing To Make Your Pear Figure Look Amazing

The Best Clothing To Make Your Pear Figure Look Amazing

The complete guide to dressing your pear, or triangle, body shape

The complete guide to dressing your pear, or triangle, body shape

What is a triangle body shape?

The triangle body shape, also called a pear body shape or low balance body shape, indicates that the measurement of your hips is greater than that of your bust or shoulders. To drop some math on you, the hips are more than 5% bigger than the bust or shoulder measurements. Don’t like math? it’s okay! Use this calculator to figure out exactly which body shape you are!

When looking at someone with your body type, the hip area will most likely draw attention first, if you are not careful, making you appear “bottom-heavy.” So, the goal when shopping for clothes for your triangle body shape will be to balance out your body visually by making your shoulders look wider and drawing attention away from your hips and butt (I know it’s fabulous--who doesn’t want to have some junk in the trunk? You just don’t want to look like you’re all trunk).

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Celebrities who have a Pear Body Shape

  • Jennifer Lopez

  • Beyonce

  • Shakira

  • Kim Kardashian West

  • Kelly Clarkson

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt

Are you actually an inverted triangle body shape? No worries, there are hints, tips and tricks in this post to help you look your best.

Clothes for the Triangle Body Shape

There are a few methods that a woman with a pear body shape can use to balance her figure to make it appear to be more of an hourglass body shape.  This includes making the shoulders appear to be wider than they actually are or making the hips look slimmer, or both. And depending on her height, she can also use methods that make her look taller, which, especially if she is more of a full figured triangle or plus size triangle, will also help to make her appear to be somewhat slimmer.

Other ways that a balance can be accomplished is to add the appearance of extra weight to the upper body while being careful not to add any extra visual weight to the hips, thighs or butt. Adding weight to the upper body can be accomplished, for example, by wearing structured garments that might emphasize the bust and make her look more shapely; adding texture with fabrics like velvet, knits or embellishments; adding a light extra layer, like a cardigan. In order to make the bottom half appear more sleek and slim, pocket placement, fabric weights, colors and even patterns have to be considered.

For women with a triangle or pear body shape, there are some cuts of clothing that look the best on them.  For example, dresses and tops with scoop-necks look great on this body type, as do straight leg jeans or even boot cut jeans.  However, there are some subtle differences in dressing the pear body shape when you take height and weight into consideration, which we will do here.  There are even some differences in the sizes and types of accessories that compliment you the most. If you first need to determine your body type, you might like one of the earlier posts, “What body type am I?” to help you start your journey off right.

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Clothes For the Short Pear Body Type (up to about 5’2”)

Besides balancing out the difference in width between your bust and hips, you may want to use visual “tricks” that will make your body appear to be more elongated and therefore taller. This also helps to balance your body overall.

Wide set straps on tops and dresses, as well as cap sleeves or off-the-shoulder tops, make narrow shoulders of the pear body type look wider than they actually are.  It’s important to scale everything to your size--from the prints on your clothing to any accessories. Prints should be small and things like clutches or handbags should be proportional as well.  Huge bags will swallow up your small frame and make you look like you should be in the bag instead of holding the bag. 

Dressing the Short Petite Triangle Body Type

  • Tops with wide set straps, boat necks, square necks, and wide scoop necks make your shoulders look wider

  • Cap sleeve tops give the illusion of square shoulders, which will also widen your shoulders.

  • Wear sweaters with texture, like mohair or cable knit, to add the appearance of weight to your top half, drawing the eyes upward from the hips.

Dressing the Short Medium Build Triangle Body Type

  •  Empire dresses, halter dresses and wrap dresses help create the width in the shoulder area that you need.  Buy them in flowy fabrics so that they skim the hips (not too tight!).

      • rs skirts at knee length or a bit above to show off your legs.  More legs showing = the illusion of height!

      • Also try asymmetrical hemlines to draw attention to your legs

      • DARK pants and jeans look the best on you, because they downplay your hips

      • High-waisted pants with a straight leg make your legs look longer (Try Palazzo pants!)

      • The best skirts for the pear body shape are knee length gored, godet, trumpet, or pencil skirts

      •  You can also try an A-line skirt with either no waistband or a small waistband to give definition to your waist 

      • Skirts with side slits are great on the medium build triangle because it make legs seem longer, which makes you look taller!

      • Coats and jackets for the pear body shape should have strong or distinctive features, like puff-sleeves, or even blazers with shoulder pads. 

      • Go for jackets in fabrics like denim, suede, tweet or velvet-

      • Accessories for the pear body shape should be used to draw attention to the face.  Chunky necklaces will do this, as will nice drop earrings or hoops.

      • Show some skin on your legs to make them appear more elongated: grab your pointy toe pumps cut low on the foot to show a little foot cleavage, wear peep toes or D’orsay.

Dressing the Short Full Figured Triangle Body Type

  • If you are a full figured pear body type, opt for dresses and tops that are off-the-shoulder or have princess seams

  • Sweetheart necklines broaden your shoulders.

  • Try a tailored button down dress shirt to make clean vertical lines and make you look a little more slender.

  • If you have a smaller bust, shirts with shirring or ruching at the bust are great to add volume where you may need it.

  • V-neck and U-neck long sleeved tops that hit at the high hip look great on you.

  • You can even add a light sweater over the shirt to help blend your curves

  • Go for flat front slacks. 

  • You look best in boot cut or straight leg jeans (not too tight through the hips and thighs). In dark colors and rinses.

  • Puff-sleeve blazers, bolero jackets, or cropped jackets are great for adding invisible weight to your top half. Feel free to go for bright colors or patterns.

  • Dark skirts, again, are best because they deemphasize your hips and butt. With skirts, you want them to taper around your hips, but not to cling or squeeze too tightly.

  • Skirts should be knee length or just below the knee.

  • Use long necklaces, and delicate dangling earrings, like some chandelier earrings, to draw to eye up away from the hips.

Dressing the Short Plus Sized Triangle Body Type

  • Because you’re short, weight can make you look even shorter, so it’s especially important to get as much mileage out of your clothing as you can, in terms of cut and fabric.

  • Sweetheart necklines add curves to your chest and result in more balanced hips. 

  • Wear tops and dresses with flutter or fluted sleeves to add volume and widen shoulders. - You can use a dress with an empire waistline to make your waist look higher, so then your legs look longer. 

  • You can also wear a lot of detailing at the bust or neck to bring focus up from your hips. 

  • Tops in U, V, or empire cuts, especially if they have details below the bust, make you appear to have a higher waistline. 

  • Try Semi fitted cowl neck sweaters in fine gauge knits to widen shoulders. 

  • A white button down or tailored dress shirts gives you  clean vertical lines. Get one with a rounded shirt tail to balance your top and bottom.

  • Get dark, knee length colored gored skirts, A-line skirts that gently hug the hip or  pencil skirts with wide waistbands.

  • Straight leg jeans are the best for this body type, and should ideally have big back pockets.

  • Flat front slacks look great on this body type, as do wide legs.

  • Pants with vertical detailing or contrasting stitching work to make you appear somewhat taller.

  • Use puff-sleeve blazers or jackets with shoulder pads to widen look of shoulders.

  • Single-breasted, low-stance blazers are great for drawing more attention to your neck. Also consider a Chanel-style jacket worn open.

  • Remember to keep accessories proportional. Purses and clutches can be a little larger than other builds.  And use your accessories like necklaces and dangling earrings to bring attention back up to neck.


Clothes For Pear Body Shapes of Average Height (5’3” to 5’7”)

Dressing the Average Height Triangle Body Shape with a Slender Build

  • Boat necks and wide scoop necks are great for widening the shoulders.

  • Enjoying showing off your slender arms in puff sleeve or sleeveless tops.

  • It is also important to wear textured tops, like sweaters in cable knit, mohair or light weight turtle necks draw the eye up from hips

  • Empire waist dresses are a good option for this triangle body type to add volume to the bust area and pull eye up

  • Strapless dresses also work to widen shoulders by creating an invisible horizontal line across shoulders. 

  • A halter dress will balance curvy hips by adding weight to your bust area.

  • Wear skirts that emphasize the waist and fall gently over the hips and thighs. 

  • Wrap or trumpet skirts flare out to balance your hips  visually. 

  • The best cuts of jeans and slacks are: straight leg jeans (not tight through the hips and thighs) and boot cut, in dark colors.

  • Slacks with a crease are also great on you.  The vertical line made my the seem works to give a visual, elongated line through your body, making you appear taller. 

  • Puffed-sleeve or cap sleeve blazers widen look of shoulders. You also look good with wide lapels, which draws eye out.

  • Use dainty jewelry that falls at your collarbone to draw the eye without overpowering slender neck

Dressing the Average Height Triangle Body Shape with a Medium Build

  • Wrap tops and surplice tops are great for showing off your narrow torso.  

  • Tops with fluted sleeves, flutter or puffed sleeves are great for adding volume to your shoulders.

  • Wear empire dresses, halter dresses, wrap dresses and sheath dresses in delicate patterns. 

  • Skirts and dresses should be knee length or above for the appearance of longer legs and smaller hips.

  • Get dark, knee length colored gored skirts, A-line skirts that gently hug the hip or  pencil skirts with wide waistbands.

  • Dark slacks and jeans are also the key to getting the dressing of a pear shaped body type right.  The best cut in jeans are straight leg or boot cut jeans. If you are on the slimmer size, stovepipe pants will slim you down more.

  • Puff sleeve blazers and jackets as well as Chanel style and A-line coat are very complimentary to this subset of the pear body type.

  • Feel free to use scarves to add volume to your top half, as well as dangling earrings, short necklaces and brooches. 

Dressing the Average Height Triangle Body Shape with a Full Figure

  • Choose tops and dresses that are off the shoulder, have a sweetheart neckline, or empire waist.

  • Ruffles or ruching at bust can add some extra volume if you have a smaller bust.

  • Skirts should be flared or fluted at the hems so as to balance hips.

  • V-neck, wide scoop, boatneck, off the shoulder tops and sweaters in fitted fabrics add invisible weight where you need it. 

  • You can go for tops that have breast pockets. 

  • Horizontal details, like stripes, patterns and bright colors are great on your top half. 

  • Dark skirts in flared silhouettes, like gored, godet, or wrap look great on your body shape. 

  • Make sure these skirts are not clinging. They should be skimming your hips without constricting! The hem should also be just at or just above the knee.

  • Straight leg or boot cut pants and jeans are the best. Mid rise with waistband right above widest part of your hips.

  • Corseted blazers with a narrow ribcage are great for the triangle body type. Puff sleeve, small shoulder pads, and wide lapels result in widened shoulders. 

  • Also try something with princess seams with high one button closure.

  • Use full sized, bold accessories: Long necklaces, large pendants, chandelier earrings.

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Your Guide To Style For The Triangle Body Shape

What You Should Wear, What You Should Leave On The Rack

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    Clothes for the Tall Triangle Body Shape (5’8” and up)

    Dressing the Tall Triangle Body Shape with a Slender Figure

    • V-neck, surplice, strapless, and off-the-shoulder dresses look fantastic and help to give your shoulders the illusion of increased width to balance out your hips.

    • Empire dress are great for making the bust appear fuller. 

    • Shirts with cap sleeves or three-quarter sleeves also do this and can add a little bit of visual weight on the top where you need it

    • Boatneck tops, shirts with a wide scoop neck and shirts with flutter sleeves, fluted sleeves or kimono sleeves are also very complementary

    • Choose A-line skirts without a clear waistband or straight skirts with buttons down the front to draw attention back to your center. 

    • Knee length skirts or skirts that hit at the widest point on your calf will make your legs look curvier if you are very tall.

    • You look great in straight leg and boot cut pants and jeans, because they balance the width of your hips.

    • Creased slacks that have a flat front and no pockets are great for making your hips look slimmer and more balanced.

    • Opt for jackets and coats that have wide lapels, cap sleeves or puff sleeves in order to widen your shoulders.  Your waist just automatically looks slimmer because of this!

    • Go for jackets in heavier weight fabrics like jeans, corduroy or velvet to balance the appearance of your hips.

    • Buy chain necklaces or necklaces with pendants that end just at the top of your cleavage to  draw attention to your slimmer upper body. 

    • Wear brightly colored shoes or shoes with details like bows, peep toes or cutaways  

    Dressing the Tall Triangle Body Shape with an Average Build 

    • Choose dresses and tops with boat necks or square necks to widen your shoulders.

    • In terms of dresses, also try a sheath type paired with flutter or kimono sleeves.

    • Dresses with empire waists, with ruching at the bust or a halter type dress will give you the illusion of extra weight on top.

    • Go for deep scoop necks, boatneck and off-the-shoulder tops; fabrics like velvet, silk, satin, merino, and cashmere are great given your narrow shoulders.

    • Styles with ruching at the top make you look amazing and push you more towards a balanced hourglass body type.

    • Dark bottoms are the best for your pear body shape, in straight leg or boot cut styles. 

    • You can also rock drawstring straight leg pants, like yoga pants in a matte jersey fabric (I see your happy dance!)

    • Your skirts should be knee length.

    • You look great in flared skirts, A-line skirts with no real waistband and straight skirts with buttons down the front 

    • Choose cap sleeve jackets and blazers; fabrics like leather, denim, suede, tweed and velvet give your top half the structure it needs to balance out your hips.

    • In terms of accessories, anything that will draw the attention upward will be great, like beaded necklaces and pendants that stop at your cleavage.

    • Purses or clutches should be medium sized (remember proportions!)

    • Good choices for shoes given your pear body shape and average build include those with peep toes, cutouts, bows or even a classic ballet shoe.

    Dressing the Tall Triangle Body Shape with a Full Figure

    • Shirts with flutter sleeves, puffed sleeves or kimono sleeves are very complementary, as they add a little extra to your shoulders.

    • Try a tailored button down dress shirt for a clean vertical lines to make you look slimmer and a bit taller.

    • V-neck and U-neck and boatneck tops also look great on you, because of the fact that they give the appearance of wider shoulders.

    • Try a solid color dark dress to create a long vertical line from top to bottom.  This helps bring attention in from your hips and gives the illusion of one elongated body shape.

    • Try a dress with a cropped jacket or a bolero type jacket if you have thicker arms.  This will both disguise your arms and give more structure to your shoulders, which may otherwise appear a little sloped downward.

    • Go for skirts in dark colors to downplay the width of your hips. 

    • Styles like a flared gored skirts, godet or A-line look amazing.

    • Choose slacks with a flat-front and a straight leg. Make sure they are not too tight through the hips and thighs because this will have the opposite effect that you want. 

    • Baby boot cut jeans are great, especially in dark rinses.  Jeans with a mid rise are also the best for you.

    • Try coats and jackets with princess seams, shawl collars or wider lapels.  Peplum jackets also look great. Add a jacket to your dress to balance your bottom--very flattering! 

    • An A-line coat in a fun, bright color and/or a flared hem is also nice.

    • Use colorful, bold necklaces to attract attention to your top half.  Earrings can also be bold!

    • You can afford to wear a pump with a thicker heel.  Wedges also work well with your pear body shape (besides being quite comfy!) 

    Dressing the Tall Plus Size Triangle Body Shape 

    • Choose off-the-shoulder, boatneck, wide V neck, or cowl neck tops to widen the look of your shoulders. 

    • A nice well fitting button down shirt is great--if it falls at your hips, be sure to tuck it in! 

    • Tops with kimono or fluted sleeves look great on you. 

    • Try a corset dresses that emphasizes your waist. 

    • Go for shirt dresses, or dresses with princess seam, anything with vertical details to make you look a bit slimmer. 

    • Tops with sweetheart necklines are good for adding shape to your torso, matching the curves on your bottom!

    • Go for skirts with fluted hems to balance out your hips.

    • Dark skirts or either wearing one color from top to bottom will make you look slimmer. 

    • Opt for A-line skirts that skim over your hips.  Other fantastic choices are wrap, gored or straight skirts. Try a skirt or dress with a handkerchief hem to show more leg and make you look taller.

    • The best slacks and jeans are straight leg, boot cut, wide-leg and palazzo.  If your jeans have back pockets, make sure they are large and proportional and do not make your bottom half  appear bigger. 

    • Wearing a jacket like a boleros over dresses will add visual volume to your torso and balance your overall look. 

    • Structured jackets, like those with shoulder pads or the collarless Chanel type jackets, also do a great job with balancing you out and making you look chic.

    • Choose a handbag that is proportional to your size to balance your overall look.  Big bold statement necklaces look great on you! 

    • As far as your shoes, opt for pointy toed heels, sling backs or open toed heels. The extra skin that will be showing along with the extra height from the heel elongates your body and makes you look slimmer.  Even a kitten heel will help accomplish this if you find heels to be too uncomfortable.

    Dressing Your Pear or Triangle Body Shape Summary

    With these tips, you will draw attention upward from your hips, which would make you look bottom heavy. Pulling the attention up by using different cuts, fabrics and even colors and patterns helps to balance your pear body shape. You will have give the illusion of a nice, symmetric, hourglass figure. Now go knock ‘em dead!

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