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The Best Way To Revamp Your Style Simply and Painlessly

The Best Way To Revamp Your Style Simply and Painlessly


Developing a style that compliments and represents you is something that takes a little bit of time and effort.  As I mentioned in the previous post, “How To Find Your Style,” style does evolve over time. So at some point in your life, you may feel as if you need to make changes to your wardrobe and the way you present yourself.  This can be because of a job change, maybe a change in your everyday activities, or you just feel like reinventing yourself. So you may find yourself at a point where you actually hate your clothes.

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Is it an “I have nothing to wear!” moment?

This is a basic question to ask yourself.  It’s similar to when something goes wrong with your cell or your computer, the first thing you want to do is go through some basic exercises before getting to the more complicated possibilities.  

Apparently, we only wear about 20% of our wardrobe. This is partly because we can’t find some of it!  I can attest to that! The worst is if you think that you lost something and buy something similar, only to find it later!  

So, if you haven’t already, just go to your closet and survey the scene.  Go through what you have. Make sure to open all those mysterious boxes and go all the way to the back where things might have fallen off the hanger!

If you truly dislike your wardrobe or it doesn’t fit your style anymore

Either pause to reflect, or get a notebook.  What is it about the clothing in your closet that you don’t like?

Is it the fit?  Maybe you’ve gained weight and everything seems too tight, and so just makes you feel worse.  Or maybe it’s the opposite: you’ve committed yourself to a healthier lifestyle and now everything’s too loose, so just hangs off you, and just makes you feel frumpy.

Is it the color? Are you ready to inject some color into your wardrobe? Or maybe you’re tired of wearing only solid colors.  Or you’ve been wearing colors that just don’t look that great on you?

Is your wardrobe out of style?  Are your clothes relics from 20 years ago?  While they’re good for a Halloween party, it’s not October 31st everyday!  Maybe you’re a victim of fast fashion and now you’re stuck with something that is sooo 20__ (fill in the blank).

Is your wardrobe inappropriate for your age or position?  Maybe you just landed a new office gig and you know you’d better leave the mini skirt for Saturday night with the girls.  Or, conversely, you think you might have outgrown the micromini skirt, or all the ruffles, or whatever the case may be!

Maybe you just evolved and are ready for a new look.  Or you are just looking for a closet refresh!

What to do with all those reject clothes

Toss them out the window.  Kidding! Let’s not get crazy.  You can’t very well go around bucky naked can you?!

But, if there are items that are “distressed” and they’re not supposed to be that way, are just worn out or damaged beyond repair, get rid of those things.  Make it into a series of rags to clean your floors. Make a quilt. Whatever. Just don’t put it on your body ever again.

If it doesn’t fit, you should get rid of it.  Why has it been sitting around, taking up valuable real estate in your closet?  Were you waiting to lose weight and thought it would encourage you? No. Get rid of it. Did you get it at 75% off?  Don’t care. Get rid of it. Is it by that designer that you’re obsessed with? Hmm...kidding. Get rid of it.

If the quality is decent to good, donate it.  Make sure it’s clean, though, because some organizations do not have a way to clean the clothing they receive and it may just get tossed and end up in a landfill.  The goal in this case to help less fortunate people, not pollute the earth more.

If you have designer goods, you can sell them online.  Sure, you’ll never be able to recoup whatever you paid for it, but some money + fresh start is better than no money + fashion rut.  You can do it yourself on Poshmark or Tradesy, or use a service, like The Real Real.

With the items that are left, you want to progressively get them out of the closet as you progressively get new items in.  There’s no point in traumatizing yourself by going from thinking that you have nothing to wear to actually having nothing to wear.  Furthermore, if you’ve been in your current style for a while, you will most likely feel more comfortable making a progressive change.  Maybe your family will need to get used to your new style. This is just to minimize the stress on you as you go through the process.

Do you ever get frustrated standing in front of your closet, thinking you have nothing to wear? 😱 ⁣
Either because you just gained or lost weight, or maybe just because you're tired of your current look and just want to inject some fun! ✨ ✨ ✨⁣
Well, my dear, never fear!  In my latest post (2nd in a series), I share with you the next step to revamping your style. 😅 And you don't even have to toss everything out! 😉⁣
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How To Change Your Style

How would you like to dress?

I know, you want to look amazing!!! But try to be specific about what look you are going for.  

Do you want to look sporty, romantic, more glamorous?

Use the guide from the previous post, “How To Find Your Style,” if you need some inspiration.  It includes links to good representative Pinterest boards so you can have a lot of examples.

What would it mean to you to look good, feel good and be confident in what you’re wearing?

Consider your lifestyle

While you are thinking about changing your style, consider your daily activities--work, hobbies and family life.  There will likely be some types of outfits that are necessary, regardless of your style, for example work, or church.

But don’t let the fact that you need these items bog you down too much.  Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to wear sweats everyday. Just because you have to wear a suit doesn’t mean you can’t inject your personality into what you wear.

Start devising a plan

If there are items in your wardrobe that need to be replaced, or there’s something that you need, this is the perfect place to start the process.

If you are comfortable enough, you can go to the store and look for these items.  You can have a store associate or stylist to help you find these items.

If you would prefer, you can avoid any potential high pressure situation, especially if you are not quite sure what you want, and start your search on the internet.

If you find yourself looking for a new dress, consult my easy guide, “Life-Saving Tips for Finding Your Perfect Dress Online,” to help point you in the right direction.

Not enough time in the day to shop for the perfect attire? Read my review of the clothing subscription service, “The Ultimate Answer For the Busy Professional” to see if this is a good option for you.

At this point, you are in a good position to start developing your style. I hope you’re excited, because I am excited for you!

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